Kalpana Dubey's

CBSE -Class 10 - Course A

 Hindi Course 

For Annual Exam 

Get High Scoring Answers to Most Likely questions in the Exam. 

सभी पाठों के सारांश , प्रश्न  उत्तर , प्रमुख पंक्तियों के भाव विश्लेषण
सभी कविताओं का सारांश, भाव , काव्य सौन्दर्य और प्रश्न उत्तर
कृतिका पुस्तक से सभी पाठों के प्रश्न उत्तर ,भाव स्पस्टीकरण
व्याकरण के पाठों के वीडियो.

Syllabus of CBSE Class 10 Course A Hindi Exam 


  • नेताजी का चश्मा
  • बालगोबिन भगत
  • लखनवी अंदाज
  • मानवीय करूणा की दिव्य चमक
  • एक कहानी यह भी
  • स्त्री-शिक्षा के विराधी कुतर्कों का खंडन
  • नौबतखाने में इबादत - यतींद्र मिश्र
  • संस्कृति


  • माता का आँचल
  • जार्ज पंचम की नाक
  • मैं क्यों लिखता हूँ?
  • एही ठैयाँ झुलनी हेरानी हो रामा!
  • साना साना हाथ जोडि़…


  • अट नहीं रही है -सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’
  • आत्मकथ्य -जयशंकर प्रसाद
  • कवित्त -देव
  • सवैया -देव
  • राम-लक्ष्मण-परशुराम संवाद -तुलसीदास
  • पद - सूरदास
  • यह दंतुरित मुस्कान -नागार्जन
  • फसल -नागार्जन
  • छाया मत छूना -गिरिजाकुमार माथुर
  • कन्यादान -ऋतुराज
  • संगतकार-मंगलेश डबराल


  • Vhibhatsya Ras
  • Vathsalya Ras
  • Shant Ras
  • Bhyanak Ras
  • Adbhut Ras
  • Karun Ras
  • Veer Rus
  • Hasya Ras
  • Shringar Ras
  • Vakya Bhed Sanrachna ke Aadhar Par
  • Vachya  
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Know your Teacher 

Kalpana Dubey is a Hindi teacher for last 30 years, over her long teaching career as a Hindi teacher she has taught thousands of students, As a Hindi debating coach she has trained students and won in numerous Hindi debating competitions. 

Known for her passion in the subject she is known for delivering the most mesmerizing classes on Hindi subject , other passing students and faculties were spotted stopped in their way looking through the window into her class, which was electric, charged with drama with stories. 

her Students often joked that Dubey Maam's class is the shortest in the timetable. 

A celebrated Orator she has always been the popular choice to hold big crowds , She simply was most loved speaker on any Dias she spoke from.

Your  Hindi Guide 

  • Experience of more than 30 Years of Teaching Hindi 
  • Published Author with Hindi Grammar Books Written for CBSE Schools, currently a course book in many schools.
  • Accomplished Storyteller with 2 Published Collections of Hindi Stories, Regularly Published in different Hindi Magazines.
  • Designated Assessor for CBSE Board Examinations for over 20 years
  •  Teaching online for last 12 years, Her Youtube Channel has more  than 5 M views    

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Its the Best way to Guarantee Good Marks in Hindi

We did not have a Good Hindi Teacher in my School, So I was looking for some coaching on Hindi, I cam across Kalpana Maam's Course and found it to be very good, her approach is simple and easy to understand. Her extensive video lessons are great. 

Priyanka Gupta  //  Student

Its Like Having a Hindi Expert on the Side.

There is no dearth of Hindi lectures and videos on internet , the problem is when you have a doubt or need clarification about something, the idea of having a Facebook group where Dubey Ma'am will answer all questions is really the best part of this course , I am looking forward to my continued learning in Hindi for a long time to come. 

Shravan Kapoor //  Student

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Frequently asked questions

Why Should I join this Course when I can watch your Videos on Youtube

I have always believed in Free Education that is why I post a lot of videos on youtube.

For a determined child with unwavering focus there is no stopping, my videos are available for free with your determined regular practice you will excel in Hindi you have my best wishes.


There is a difference in watching videos on YouTube casually and going through a structured curriculum with assessments.

This course is for people who value their time, want the best possible structure to their learning and want to score high in exams.

Youtube is casual watching , its difficult to maintain focus , you quickly become distracted , its not the path one should take if they are serious about results.

this course is a structured program , where students go through a path of learning Hindi systematically in right sequence with built in assessments which will help you Assess your progress , there are members only videos where we explain things in further detail that are not available anywhere else , not even on you tube.

Will I be able to Ask my doubts or get clarifications if I join the course 

When you sign up for the course you get access to Exclusive Facebook Group only for members , here you will get to post all your questions and doubts, You can join Regular Live Classes and get get Realtime coaching 

Its like getting access to the best Hindi teacher on demand 

How Long will I have access to this course 

You will get a life access to this course through a dedicated application , with your own userid and password, all the material will always be available in the cloud for your access always.