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मानवीकरण अलंकार

///मानवीकरण अलंकार

मानवीकरण अलंकार

मानवीकरण अलंकार के उदाहरण _
१सागर के उर पर नाच -नाच ,करती हैं लहरें मधुर गान |

२ बीती विभावरी जाग री
अम्बर पनघट में डुबो रही तारा घट उषा नागरी

३ मेघ आए बड़े बन ठन के संवर के |

४ इस सोते संसार बीच ,जग कर सजकर रजनी वाले
कहाँ बेचने ले जाती हो ये तारे गजरों वाले

५ उड़ चला अचानक लो भूधर

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About the Author:

Kalpana Dubey is a Passionate teacher of Hindi Literature for the last 20 years. She is dedicated to sharing the richness of hindi language and Indian culture to ignite young minds with potent knowledge and perspectives. She has written 3 books on Hindi Grammar used in the CBSE curriculum, and published 2 collections of short stories Kushboo; and Jarokha. Those who know her would agree that, to listen to her, is to experience a spell.


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    ab samaj mein aaya mam

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  5. Shivangi Roy August 5, 2012 at 11:12 am - Reply

    aaye mahant vasant is also a comparison so won’t it be roopak alankar? My grammar book “prerna” by chandan publications say so.

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    Thank you maam

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